Kerma tdi vs malone tuning

More photos. Overall Ratings. Richard R. Verified Buyer. One of the best shops on the web ,called and help with a Starting issues i had on a beetle these guys are the best saved me from a big headache. Mary B. Michael A. I gave called in and ordered parts over the phone recently and wish I would have earlier. I bought a Volkswagen Golf 1.

I have had other questions that were totally unrelated to my order anytime I have called even though the answer might lead me to use parts that I might get used elsewhere just to make sure that I get the most enjoyable driving experience i possibly can. The customer service he gave me for my order was the best I have had in years. I placed my order and got off the phone and a few minutes later I get a call from a number I dont recognize and decline the call it calls back a couple of more times and I answer it was Mike from kerma yo tell me there was a problem with my card that it popped up a fraud alert message on his machine so I called the bank and they couldn't figure out why so I called Mike with my banker on the line and he worked with my bank and got it figured out.

Most places wouldn't have called me the first time and if they did would have gave up when they got no answer. Mike kept working to make sure I got the parts I needed and that really impressed me so I will buy a my parts from kerma now as long as they continue to give service like they do.

Cody W. So far no issues. The guys at kerma are very knowledgeable, polite, and always answer my questions. Ive contacted them multiple times through email and there live chat and they always have time to deal with me. From experience i would highly recommend dealing here for anything TDI. These guys are crazy knowledgeable and incredibly helpful with everything you could possibly need to ask them.

Cris chat with me on the phone for almost 40 minutes walking me through things a new owner should know about me specific engine and what I could do to nip those problems in the bud.

I will not likely be going through any other company for future purchases for my Jetta. Jake S. These guys are awesome! Definitely the first place I turn to when I need something for my Jetta. They have saved me hundreds by sending me the information I need to do it myself. Their customer service is unmatched! Brandon N. Great product and Jason was very helpful with getting his back ordered parts to me on time shipping from their warehouse. On the other hand, some guy named Brian?

I was excited to write a 5 star review for these guys because they have cool stuff and were great with communication about shipping, butKerma Tune Times! Malone from what I have read are guru's when it comes to these cars and tuning. I've got a cummins slightly modded and now I have a tdi for my daily.

kerma tdi vs malone tuning

Hey guys I'm new here on the forum kinda. We're sorry but Malone Tuning doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. They tune the dsg for the gas cars too. Air system part I: MAF. The chaps at TDI Tuning let us try out their latest tuning box on our 3. TDI Gen. Free tune updates if you order your parts from Kerma. Please disregard the 10 year warranty statement I incorrectly made.

Software Company. Jetta GLI vs. Karmakanix has been using custom tunes from Mark Malone with very positive results. ECS Tuning. TDI-Tuning write custom maps for every vehicle variant.

I would recommend this tuning to anyone with a TDI. I've heard from a couple people they are good. Well I talked to scheids and they said they do malones tuning. Audi A4 3. The first step in Tdi performance requires just chipping: 0- 0, plus labor. Malone has a really good name while Kerma seems to have some complaints about service a while back.

The mechanical and software details of this technology are on lockdown from even the dealerships who are not allowed to perform any service other than the basic maintenance.

Twice the Power, 51mpg: VW Jetta Diesel Mods

We must stress there are tuning boxes and there are tuning boxes. Review of the TDI-Tuning box "Superb, easy to fit and versatile tuning in a box" Here is a long overdue review of an actual tuning box. They told me that it was rebuilt by an authorized Bosch facility. The general consensus on gains with the stock injectors and turbo still in the mix is 25 to 30 hp, but in our own chassis Volkswagen TDI Stock vs. Hi friends -- I've searched this ad nauseum, and am coming up with more questions than I am answers.User Name Remember Me?

Kerma tuner vs Malone? I've been researching tuners and know that bringing this question up will unleash hell lol. But it seems or maybe I didn't look hard enough that Kerma only sells their own tuners? I haven't read any posts on these tuners. I have my mind set on a Malone due to a dealer close bycost, and the whole dynamic EGR option.

I don't understand why such a price difference. Are they both relatively the same thing? Also I'm wondering if anyone has installed a Malone stg 1, 1.

Also if anyone has the Dynamic EGR, what are your thoughts on it?? Not sure what you mean by "their own tuners" as both Malone and Kerma sell or rent tuners that are locked to your car and their tune. It also includes lifetime tune upgrades for new hardware. The convenience of the loader and the upgrades were selling points for me.

If I were you, I'd contact tuners directly as they'll sometimes work with you on price. Kerma tuning. Dynamic EGR didn't do much for me. Didn't see warm up times change much so I "lost" my EGR. I've had a few malone tunes and a few Kerma tunes. Kerma's turn around time was fast, Malone's wasn't. Kerma's tuner is one person, with Malone it could be any number of people responding to you in an email.

kerma tdi vs malone tuning

I don't have a Malone dealer anywhere near me, kerma's is 30 mins away. Lastly, Malone is a Canadian company and Kerma is Murica. Good luck deciding. I've had both Kerma and Malone tunes on my car and for a daily driven car their tunes "feel" the same to me, an average motorist. I personally switched from Kerma to Malone because Kerma will only update your tune if you buy all your upgrades from them.

Want a new turbo? Better buy it from Kerma or else you'll be paying full price for another tune. Bigger nozzles? Buy it from them or else no updated tune without paying again. You still have to pay an upgrade fee from Malone but the upgrade price is significantly lower. I'm pretty sure dont quote me on this you just pay the difference in price with Malone. I was very satisfied with Kerma until I decided to upgrade my car without buying everything from them.

Now I have Malone and I am also satisfied with Malone. Good Luck! I hear Rocketchip is pretty good too, but don't have experience with them. Any way you go, your car will feel brand new and way faster!! I never had to pay an additional fee with Kerma. Every new part I throw on which have been many I've asked for a new tune or a tweak of a tune and I've never been charged an additional fee.Welcome to Kermatdi!

kerma tdi vs malone tuning

KermaTDI is the combined effort of a group of really bright and enthusiastic people who are passionate about the turbo diesel market. Headquartered in Colorado, we first made our name by introducing nozzle upgrades to the diesel world in more than a decade ago and focused our resources on Turbo Diesel Innovation. By so doing, we started an entirely new automotive performance niche.

The existence of more powerful fuel injectors drives the need for supporting components, such as turbos, camshafts, and clutch upgrades, and of course ECU tuning to tie it all together. Shop By Vehicle Find parts for your specific vehicle!

Price Match We will match our competitors price. Parts Request Form Can't find what you are looking for, request it now! Top Vehicles. Top Categories.

Colt Cams. Fuel Injection. Horsepower Kits. Intercooler and Plumbing. Top Brands. Top Products. Bench Tuning OBD Flash Tuning Kerma Mk6 Coolant Refresh Kit. Series 7 Borg Warner Turbocharger V. Series Resistor for Blower Motor Mk4.

Upgraded Mercedes Sprinter Brakes 6 piston kit. Learn More. Password Forgot Password?Competition Diesel. Any good tuners for these things that will do a DPF delete, I've only found one Malone but was wondering if there were other options. Anyone have experience with any of the companies? Malone is about your best option. Honest people sell the same stuff Kerma sells. Other options are out there but they're gas car tuners and TDI's are not their primary focus like Malone.

They are truly the largest of the TDI parts houses around. Kerma doesn't do common rail tunes.

Kerma didn't start tuning on his own. I won't go into this but its enough to prevent me from ever sending a dollar his way. Mark turned you down for your TDI project after researching you on here, and the yellow bullet, and Kerma gladly gave you out freebies.

So here you are pushing false information in support of that. Mark has been at this for over 10 years. I know because one of my first tunes was from Mark 10 years ago. The only other company around at that time was upsolute I had one of their tunes as well.

Kerma tdi vs malone tuning

I am as OG as they get in vw diesel performance, so if you are going to bother posting make sure you have your facts first.

You can try rocketchip i am not sure if they list newer jetta on their site but i believe they have a tune for it. Whats is your factory power rating? It's a pretty decent runner but I'm sure there is more to be had. I've put 9 tanks of fuel through it and I'm sitting at Thanks for all the advice, looks like I'll be going with Malones Stage 2 tune. It doesn't look like he sells the pipe, anyone have an outlet for that? Can't go wrong with Malone, he's a great tuner.

I work with him frequently on projects. Rawtek Performance Fabrication inc. Holey hell, I just googled Kerma TDI and theres one making hp putting a whoopin on a cc streetbike thats impressive.

I love it! My girlfriend has a 2. What about gauges for this thing? How many PSI gauge should I be looking at for boost, and what about a pyro? Does anyone make a monitor that uses factory sensors so I don't have to plumb anything?

Your Jetta have the same engine than in my Skoda superb, only differnce is programming your hp versus hp in mine. What"s the word on the DSG trans, can it handle much more power?Known for its mechanical simplicity, the ALH 1.

TDi Fuel Economy After RawTek ECO Exhaust and Malone Stage 2/DSG Tunes

However, with just 90 hp and lb-ft of torque available at the crank, these cars feel anything but light on their feet. What to do? In fact, over the past years of playing with these cars, so many parts combinations have been tested that—for all intents and purposes—ALH Jetta performance has been nailed down to a science. From high-flow injector nozzles to drop-in turbo upgrades and performance camshafts to custom tuning, everything is available for them.

The quickest, easiest way to wake up the ALH 1. Malone Tuning is highly respected in the tuning realm, with solid power gains accompanied by great drivability low smoke, linear throttle, etc.

kerma tdi vs malone tuning

By far, the combination of adding larger nozzles with a corresponding ECU tweak is hands down the biggest bang-for-your-buck pair of mods in the ALH Jetta world. A good entry-level nozzle upgrade offered by Kerma TDI is the Bosio DLCwhich offers a cleaner burn, a hp gain, and can even increase fuel efficiency. A more moderate nozzle upgrade also from Kerma TDI is the DLC nozzle, which can yield as much as 60 additional horsepower at the wheels and lb-ft over stock with the factory turbo still feeding the engine.

A second injector nozzle option, the popular PP nozzle, also offers a path to whp or more. Found on the hp European version of the 1. It can support more than whp with the right injector nozzle upgrade in the mix.

This little gem has been around for more than six years now. The BV39B sports a billet compressor wheel with a When retaining the factory overboost protection functionality, the OEM 2. With the 3-bar MAP sensor in the mix, roughly 23 psi of boost can be seen.

While it can be cost-prohibitive for those on tighter performance budgets, the 11mm injection pumps used on automatic transmission cars makes for a great little factory upgrade for manual transmission Jetta owners. For reference, the factory Bosch pump on manual transmission Jettas is a 10mm version. In addition to the increased volume its 11mm head provides over the 10mm head, the 11mm pump produces a peak injection pressure of 19, psi vs.

This means better atomization, which in theory equates to more power, in addition to a cleaner, more complete in-cylinder burn. However, as soon as the first nozzle upgrade is performed the OEM clutch can begin to slip.This site relies on Javascript to provide you the best experience and security. Please enable Javascript for the full experience - some features may not behave as intended without it!

A tuning box connects to the engine of a vehicle to improve performance and fuel economy. TDI-Tuning write custom maps for every vehicle variant. These maps are then sent to the engine from a tuning box rather than writing them directly onto the engine ECU. Every month we have some stunning vehicles come to us.

This month we look at the BMW X3 2. In this article we detail exactly how it works, and how it is completely safe. Our technical highlight this month is the Kia Sorento. Find out why people use the TDI-Tuning box to maximise the towing capabilities of their vehicle. More power or more economy? Instantly change the performance of your engine and adapt your vehicle to suit any situation.

Javascript is disabled! Section home finder Product finder We are open and still shipping orders the same day. Find your tuning box. What is a tuning box? Learn more. Installing our tuning boxes. Customer reviews Reviews.

Read more reviews. Bluetooth has arrived! Find out more. How our tuning boxes work. Here to help. Get in touch.

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