Free bazi reading accurate

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free bazi reading accurate

Search by pillars. URL address for those dates. Premium Options. Advertisement Want to see no ads? Go Premium! Interactions suggestions not all are effective. Birth chart and luck pillars. How to print. Interactions with 10 heavenly stems. Nice features to search for specific chart configurations. And the best part is tons of birth charts of famous and ordinary people, all the plotting work already done for users! Calculations listed above should not be the only consideration in decision making.

Life is much more complicated than these charts. What is metaphysics today, will be physics tomorrow. Every science holds some truth, while being erratic to some extent. Bad luck teaches us, good luck makes us lazy. Free will overcomes destiny. Forgetting about it is comfortable, so we're used to do it. This is the danger of destiny science. We shouldn't expect that divination system will tell us the truth about our future, as the future is becoming a history that - based on what is given to us - we write ourselves.

Destiny is possibility, history is what we make of it. BaZi calculator features : the bazi calculator counts stem and branch interactions, symbolic stars, Na Yin, DHHS, Qi phases, day master strength, draws charts. The BAZI calculator also enables to manually set transformations. BAZI calculator is free for everyone.BaZi, literally Birth Time Eight Characters, is actually a person's birth date based on the Ganzhi stem-branch calendar - a traditional Chinese calendar that accurately records year, month, day and hour by using heavenly stems and earthly branches.

The stem-branch calendar consists of eight characters, namely year stem, year branch, month stem, month branch, day stem, day branch, hour stem and hour branch. A pair of stem and branch is known as a pillar and Eight Characters consist of year pillar, month pillar, day pillar and hour pillar accordingly, thus Bazi is also called Four Pillars or Four Pillars Eight Characters.

Bazi plays an important role in Chinese folk customs. In ancient China, both Chinese Taoists and astrologers told people's destiny with it. Eight Characters of Life, a kind of study that predicts people's career, marriage, fortune, study and health according to the theories of stem-branch calendar, Yin Yang and five elements, and evil spirit, is a time-honored fortune-telling method in China.

Generally, people would use it to tell fortune under the following circumstances: Choose names: this includes choosing a name for baby, company or destiny by combining the eight characters with the power of words. On a grand occasion, you can choose an auspicious day in combination with Yin Yang and five elements to make it smooth. Destiny: this means the analysis of your personality, year of misfortune, great luck, auspicious day, ups and downs and so on thru your birth chart based on Eight Characters, so that they know how to offense and defense, advance and retreat.

Feng Shui: this consists of the Feng Shui of grave, house and shop. The invisible ambient magnetic field and energy can be improved by combining your Eight Characters and five elements with the site involved.

free bazi reading accurate

Disabuse: it means the prediction of work, career, fortune, love, marriage, lawsuit, health and other important matters thru eight characters birth chart for right decisions.

Remove ill fortune: it means removing ill fortune and improving luck thru Yin Yang and five elements for the purpose of pursuing good fortune and avoiding disaster. BaZi Chinese names for a family of 3? Popular Topics Chinese Horoscope. Hand Lines Head Line. Marriage Line. Children Line. Palm Reading Types of Hand. House Feng Shui House Building. Basics Feng Shui. Organs on Face Forehead. Basics Face Shapes.

Home Chinese Calendar BaZi. BaZi Calculator and Meaning. Full Name. Gender Male Female. Date of Birth Gregorian Date Year Time of Birth 12 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 AM PM. Chinese Calendar. January February March April May June July August September October November December What's Your Lucky Number? Most Popular 1. Lastest Questions and Answers. Download Apps - Zodiac. Chinese Holidays. Chinese New Year Chinese Baby Gender Calendar.

BaZi Calculator and Meaning

Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches.BaZi Sample Report. The first email is always an overview of your chart so that you can have a good understanding of the foundation of your chart before we go into the details.

I wish to focus purely on the content and analysis at this stage because it should be all that matters, at least for now. The sample report is basically my first email to you, giving an overview of the quality and structure of your chart and commenting on the areas you wish to look into.

The initial report is not the final product nor does it mark the end of the service. Remember this is a consultationso please ask me questions so so I know where to focus my attention on. If you opted for the online consultation service, you will be exchanging numerous emails with me.

Through this process, we will be able to zoom into particular areas and time periods that should be of concern to you that may not be covered in the initial report.

As everything will be put in writing, you can always refer back to the email exchange should you need to recall whatever was mentioned. I will add another layer of analysis using Zi Wei Dou Shu to ensure that the BaZi analysis is accurate while identifying how a particular event will manifest.

As both methods have its own pros and cons, cross-referencing both methods will give the analysis added depth and accuracy. You are entitled to an unlimited number of questions for 1 week from the day your reply with your first set of questions after receiving your report. If I do not reply within 24 hours, it will not count towards the 7 day limit. This policy is set to ensure you get a fruitful and meaningful consultation and that you have enough time to digest the initial report.

Clearly identifying what your beneficial elements.

This is the hardest thing to get right in BaZi and the core of the analysis revolves around this. There should be a clear breakdown of the explanation for this instead of just a quick comment of what strengthens of weakens your Daymaster.

If the wrong beneficial element is identified, this part of the analysis will be entirely off course. The interpretation of the chart and how it will manifest in real life. Again, this depends on the right identification of the chart structure and beneficial elements. All explanations of the chart should be able to be referenced back to a Chinese classic to assure you that the analysis is not made up.

Chinese Fortune Telling: What’s Bazi reading? How accurate?

Important Disclaimer : You should not regard a BaZi consultation as a form of professional advice — they are just my opinions from my experience as a practitioner. Please remember I am not a counselor nor doctor. Please do not ever treat a BaZi consultation as a substitute for other forms of professional help.

Please find your chart attached. Solar Time is basically measured by the position of the Earth around the Sun instead of just using the man-made time we see on our clocks and watches. Of the 8 characters the appear in your natal chart, your Daymaster is the key to determining the quality of it. The Branches draw its strength from the Stems, and each of the 12 Stems gives a different level of support to a particular Branch, laying out the cycle of birth, strengthening, declining and death of the elements.

Note that you cannot artificially change the strength of you Daymaster — your chart is a description of how your life to unfold, and the purpose is to transcend your chart and not believe in falsehoods like charms or items. This will be closely tied to your season of birth and the element of your Daymaster. All four criteria above need to be considered concurrently when analyzing your chart.

If you hear positive things, tap on it so that you can reap greater rewards, and if you hear negative things, use it as additional information or a map to guide yourself and make better decisions. Under no circumstances should you let this consultation end up a self-fulfilling prophecy, in particular for the negative things you hear.And two bombs went off in Iraq. The Rat is having a field day, and it is a Month Breaker Day.

Personality Test Using Bazi (八字) Day Masters

So a bomb Fire and Water clash is not surprising, and perhaps all the torridly toxic developments pouring out of Wall Street today is somehow linked to the Rat and the Rooster of the month in a Destruction formation. Because so many people search for free online bazi analysis or some variation of that and some of them find themselves on this blog as a result of such a search.

They are of course necessarily inter-related since in order to provide online BaZi analysis for free, it has to necessarily be a computerised, automated process. But we will get to that point later, or maybe in another post. The practical reason why any kind of free online BaZi analysis is pointless is this: it is of zero use.

Or at best, very very limited use. Most of these reports and some are quite long are quite accurate. Some, like the Animal Sign based ones, are, well, vague at best, and people read into them what they want.

I am quite sure that any computerised automated free online BaZi chart analysis would also be very very accurate as far as personality is concerned — this is because Personality is the easiest to read from a BaZi chart. Test out the my Pure BaZi Apps — only 0.

Personally, I take the view that Personality and Character are not one and the same. Your character motivates a great deal of your actions, and so your innate nature, will be largely the root cause of a lot of your success or snafus in life.

In other words, should I do X or Y given circumstance Z? Should I move North or South, in the next 1 year? If I start my own business, will it be the right thing to do? A BaZi chart also contains information about the conflicts and challenges in your life which can be linked to your character and at which point in time these take place.

A free online computation that provides an accurate snapshot of your personality, cannot analyse these issues because they can appear in a multiplicity of permutations, and most importantly, are interpreted based on CONTEXT. Two people can have staff problems but because they are different Day Masters, it manifests differently. Two people can have staff problems but one is self-employed and the other works for a big company. Just understanding personality and character alone, are not sufficient to highlight or indicate these issues, but more importantly, provide a SOLUTION to the problem.

Obviously, there is no such thing as a free lunch and I am sure most people know this. Strong or Weak? Favourable and Unfavourable Elements? Most free online automated BaZi analysis is actually of little value. There is a common assumption that the be-all-and-end-all of a BaZi analysis lies in the following:. In fact, this information is actually of very little value to the end user, which is YOU. Okay, the free automated BaZi analysis tells you whether or not your Day Master is strong or weak.

But a peek on some of the metaphysical forums gives rise to the impression that it IS, given the countless braincells are constantly devoted to the exercise of coming up with a system to determine the strength of a Day Master using points, or a scale or grading score, or some kind of GPA type format. All this is if you ask me, a lot of brain grinding for very little outcome.

Having now got hold of this information, what are you going to do with it? I mean really — so what if you know if you are strong or weak Day Master? Yes, by knowing the strength, you know the Favourable and Unfavourable. So, you might be wondering: if Favourable and Unfavourable Elements is so, urm, not so useful, so why does everyone teach Unfavourable and Favourable Elements?There are many popular and widely used personality tests in the world to help you determine what kind of career you are suited.

One of them is the Brigg Myers Personality test. I find this quite accurate. However, as time pass and as you grow, the results start to vary. The other personality test which I find a growing interest and popularity is by using your birth date and time. I find this test is highly accurate and fast which you only need to use your birth date and time.

Bazi is said to be the destiny map of your life with indications of the opportunities and challenges that may come in your life. There are certain energies Qi that exist in Bazi. They exist during the year, month, day and even hour of your birth. Your personality and character could even be determined by Bazi analysis itself! What we can simply do is to learn what are our strengths and weaknesses through Bazi.

This is done by calculating your birth date and time against a thousand years calendar using a set of algorithms created hundreds of years ago! With this information about your strengths and weakness, you can determine your path of success, not limited to your career, but also other aspects of your life. Happy learning! Exclusive membership - Get access to our exclusive gifts available only to our subscribers! Useful content tailored to you - Over time you get useful and actionable content as we learn more about you!

All the years you have grown up from childhood to your current life. Do you know about yourself? Many of us, after a certain age, stop and wondered what is our purpose? We often call it the Mid-life Crisis.

free bazi reading accurate

Some of us spent half a lifetime before knowing our strengths and true calling, Most of us, never get to know what we are good in.This knowledge was recorded in classical text and handed down to their descendants with the hope that they too can learn the secrets to harnessing nature's energy to live in harmony and prosperity. According to Chinese Astrology, we are all born with a set of birth chart and luck pillars that govern our destiny for better or worse.

By knowing how to analyze our birth chart in relation to the energy in our living space, we can unlock the embedded codes that hold the key to our future. You can read the article here. Get a personalized reading of your destiny and discover your true potential in terms of career, wealth, health, love and relationship.

Our website has published several books on Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui. We have also written articles on these two subjects which you can find them here. Chinese Astrology - The Quality of Life.

Feng Shui - Are Colors Important? Feng Shui - Negative Features in an Office. Bedroom Feng Shui. According to the Dictionary, success or failure can happen by chance rather than through one's own actions. It is defined as an invisible force that seems to operate for good or bad in a person's life, as in shaping circumstances, events, or opportunities. Our fortune or adversity seems to hinge on the factor of chance, also known as luck. What if we can manipulate the forces of nature and tweak chance in our favour?

What if chance is a game that we can play based on the rules we create? Can we then play the game of chance where the odds are made favourable to us? Can luck be created? In the context of Heaven, we are born into this world not by our own choosing. This is because consciousness does not precede our existence. It only comes thereafter. Therefore, we do not have the choice in the hour, day, month and year of our birth.

Our date of birth is subject to the heavenly stars. The cosmic force exerts its energy on earth and it sets in motion the chain of events that affects us including the day of our conception. The planetary configuration creates the vital force that infuses us with the energy known as qi. In the context of earth, the energy that flows in the environment affects us through our living space.

Our mind and body is able to tune into this energy or life force when we are asleep, relaxing or at work in our personal space.

It rejuvenates and invigorates us. The energy finds its way to the nine sectors of a house. The main door, bedrooms and kitchen represent the three most important sectors for energy to flow in. In terms of energy flow, the door is the qi mouth and is the most important of the three sectors. In the context of man, we are in control of our actions.How to include a picture for your post including PM? Click here for answer.

Started by cmima Board 4. Art of Divination Prediction. Your use of FiveArts. Info is at your sole risk. Info cannot be held responsible for the inaccuracy of the readings and information provided by its members. Info owners, administrators, moderators, masters, members, partners expressly disclaim all warranties of any kind whether express or implied including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Total visits since SMF 2. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. News: How to include a picture for your post including PM? Print Search. Read times. I need a recommendation for the best free online BAZI calculators. I have just found HUGE discrepancies in the one I was using most, like the life pillars running backward regarless of gender.

All teachings are mere references. The true experience is living your own life. Then, even the holiest of words are only words. Bazi-calculator has element colour and can plot those years chart JoeyYap one is more presentable and inclusive of annual and fengshui related information. The author will not accept any liability or responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the use of the information here.

Good question. Only reason some calculators take place of birth is to calculate True Solar Time. True Solar Time is the idea to try to get what time it would be if someone was using a sundial. So place of birth will give variation in the hour used. There are some mathematical formulas to see what hour it is based on the possition of the sun, and not by todays clocks.

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